About the project

Song of honor and glory - as performed by Platoon Roadshow

Songs of the Northern Ireland Conflict (SoNIC) is the first online archive of political music-making in Northern Ireland. The archive uses innovative audial and visual methods to curate and contextualise political song during and after the conflict, demonstrating the impact potential that community-based sound archives can play in conflict transformation, as pioneered by scholars in other international contexts (see for example Araújo, 2010). SoNIC aims to act as a living resource, reaching audiences inside and outside of Ireland. It shows how political song of diverging persuasions commented on and connected with the social and political landscape in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

Funding for SoNIC was provided by the Leverhulme Trust via an Early Career Fellowship (ECF-2018-095) and is the site is curated by Dr Stephen Millar (Cardiff University), and Stephen McCann (Technological University Dublin). The archive is maintained by Web Strategy #1

SoNIC is an educational resource intended to shed light on loyalist and republican cultural production during the Northern Ireland conflict. All copyright is retained by the original holders and any material hosted by SoNIC should not be reused for commercial purposes without their express consent.